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August 3, 2018
  • 7pm Python Husbandry by Brad Willoughby

    August 3, 2018
    Borlaug Hall, 1991 Upper Buford Cir, St Paul, MN 55108, USA

    The speaker for August is Brad Willoughby, owner of Serpent Syndicate. Brad specializes in husbandry and housing of multiple python species. He grew up in the country in Delaware and has always been interested in reptiles and amphibians from toads, frogs, snakes, and lizards. You name it, he caught it. And then his dad made him get rid of it. His dad wasn’t really a snake guy. In 2016, Brad retired from the Army after 24 years of service. He has over 25 years of experience with reptiles, having bred multiple python species. He has always been someone who likes to do things with his hands and loves to build. He started looking at enclosures that others had built and took bits and pieces of everything that he had seen and learned to build what he does today.

    Brad Willoughby will be talking about the proper husbandry of the python species he keeps and has bred including Burmese, Retic, Blood, Carpet, and Ball Pythons. He will also discuss proper housing materials, substrates, and cleaning of enclosures. Additionally, he will review breeding practices, egg incubation, and animal diets.

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August 4, 2018
  • 6pm Board Meeting

    August 4, 2018
    Lunds & Byerlys St. Louis Park, 3777 Park Center Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55416, USA

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  • October ’17 Speaker: Beth Girard; Lizards: What They Do and How They Do It!

    October ’17 Speaker: Beth Girard; Lizards: What They Do and How They Do It!

    Beth has been an active member of the Minnesota Herpetological Society since 1999. This year, she served as the 2017 State Fair Coordinator and continues her role as the current Adoption Chair.  She joined MHS with her four children when we moved to the Twin Cities from Orlando, Florida.  It was her love of everything […]

  • March ’17 Speaker: Aquatic Newt Husbandry; Wild Salamander Threats

    March ’17 Speaker: Aquatic Newt Husbandry; Wild Salamander Threats

    Bradley Wilson has been fascinated by the oft-overlooked newt since he first heard of such a creature in a Monty Python movie his father showed him in the early 1980’s.  His parents home quickly became filled with aquariums and terrariums.  Freshwater community tanks, oddballs such as the now outlawed fish Snakeheads, lungfish, freshwater toadfish, lionfish […]

  • JeremyHance

    October ’16 Talk: The Great Herp Extinction: What We Know (And What We Can Do) About the World’s Vanishing Herps

    Jeremy Hance is a freelance environmental journalist. Currently he is a senior correspondent with Monagabay and writes a blog on the Guardian entitled Radical Conservation. He has been covering wildlife conservation issues, including the rising tide of mass extinction, since 2007. In pursuit of his stories, Jeremy has traveled to nearly thirty countries across five […]

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