October ’17 Speaker: Beth Girard; Lizards: What They Do and How They Do It!

Beth has been an active member of the Minnesota Herpetological Society since 1999. This year, she served as the 2017 State Fair Coordinator and continues her role as the current Adoption Chair.  She joined MHS with her four children when we moved to the Twin Cities from Orlando, Florida.  It was her love of everything herp and work as an informal science educator that fuels her passion for squamates. Now that her kids have grown up and moved on, there are still plenty of animals at her house!  Last year she was asked to do a 2-hour lizards and dragons program for MarsCon and while researching the presentation, her eyes were opened to the incredible diversity and total  “awesomeness” of this particular group of animals. Come join her as she presents a lay perspective on Lizards: What They Do and How They Do It!