The photos/art projects will be on display in the meeting room during the May Meeting (White Snake Sale). All MHS members get to vote for their favorite projects. Voting will take place during the meeting and winners will be announced the same evening.

**In 2022 the Photo Contest was held online in May**


1. Herps in the Wild/ in a Natural Setting

Photographs of animal(s) taken outside and/or in a natural setting. A natural setting that has been staged is also permitted.

2. Herps and Humans / Non-Wild Setting

Subject(s) should be in a non-wild setting – i.e. photographs taken around your home, on or with something that is manmade. Some examples of this are: herps in their cages, people holding a herp, or photographs of animals taken at a zoo.

3. Kids’ submissions

Any photo/artwork submission by a member who is 16 years of age or younger.

4. Mixed Media

Herp related artwork by a member or photographs taken by a member that have been altered/enhanced using photo editing software in any manner other than cropping.

“People’s Choice”

Members will also vote for one submission from the above categories that they feel is the best overall photograph / piece of artwork. The submission that receives the most votes is the winner of this category.


  • You must be a current member of the MHS and be the one that took the photograph. However, you do not need to own the herp in the photo.
  • All entries need to show herps or be herp related.
  • Color and/or black and white photographs are acceptable.
  • Artwork is defined as sculptures, drawings, paintings, etc.
  • Photos should be no smaller than 5 x 7 and no larger than 11x 14 (outside dimension).
  • Mounting or matting of photos/art is recommended but not necessary.
  • Members are allowed to submit up to 2 photos/items in each category.
  • On the back of the photo, please include: your name and which category you want your picture to compete in.