Hello everybody!
Congrats on finding our new merch store, but before you check it out, some disclaimers:

The merchandise does not process through us, the website that the merch is on takes care of all of it. So it goes straight from the printer to you! If there are issues with your order, we are happy to try to help, but this is new to us too. Please be kind when you reach out, know that we are trying our best, and keep in mind that we are volunteers. 

This store is new! While board members have independently used the website before (and loved the shirts they got) we have not seen every single merch item in person. So if there is an issues such as – the ink is not visible on the color of shirt you got, please do let us know so we can work to make the merch better.

Shipping cost is a thing. It is not within our control, its set by the printers. Some stores are able to offer free shipping because they increase the cost of their products to cover shipping cost. We’re not doing that. We totally get that free shipping is great, but again, we are a non profit, we are only able to offer merchandise right now because of websites like this that do on demand printing.

The cost of each item is the cost to print + $1 profit that goes to the society (except the stickers, which are only + $0.50 profit) which is used for our education and outreach, and also shared with researchers through grants and other local nonprofits working to help our local animals and ecosystems!

The link to the shop:



The email:

Please check to make sure you can’t figure it out on your own before reaching out