Grants in Herpetological Conservation and Research

The Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS) has consistently supported individuals, groups, and projects through grants. Each request is carefully reviewed by the Board of Directors and is judged for fit with the Society’s mission and goals as well as alignment with the MHS budget. Grants are given for supplies, technical support, matching funds (for a portion of a larger project), and other uses.

Funding is limited to: 1) Projects with a MN-based PI; 2) Projects conducted in MN; and/or 3) Projects outside MN that focus on species that also occur in MN. MHS gives preference to applicants that are MHS members in good standing. Grants are competitive, and the amount will vary by project.
Recent grant dispersals:
2021: $1,364
2020: $2,995
2019: $4,500
2018: $3,706
2017: $3,500
2016: $6,920

Please include the following materials with your request:

1. Completed MHS Grants in Herpetological Conservation and Research Cover Page.

2. Grant Proposal – 5 page maximum, not including references, graphs, or figures. Please use 10 point font or greater

3. Budget – Include total budget, amount requested from other sources, and amount requested from MHS (not to exceed $1,500). Please note whether partial funding is acceptable (please include funding contingency plans). Also include who the check should be made out to in case successful.

4. Permit and animal care protocol information. Include information about any necessary permits, received or requested, and animal care protocols required by your institution.

5. A current CV or resume.

Grant requests are considered twice each year. Grant proposals must be received by February 15th for April – May fund dispersal and September 15th for November / December fund dispersal. Research projects conducted in Minnesota, research projects using species native to Minnesota, and/or research projects by MHS members are given priority.

Email requests to:
Noah Anderson, D.A. – Grants Chair
Minnesota Herpetological Society

Following the fulfillment of the project, MHS requests a short (1 – 2 page) report detailing the project’s status and outcome. This report may be published in the monthly newsletter. MHS appreciates reprints of any published material that results from funded projects.