August ’16 Talk: Herpetological Conservation International’s Project Pondo


Chip Cochran of Herpetological Conservation International

Bio: Chip Cochran is a PhD candidate in Dr. William K. Hayes lab at Loma Linda University where he is studying morphological, dietary, and venom composition differences among populations of southwestern speckled rattlesnakes (Crotalus pyrrhus). He received his BS from The University of Arizona in 2006 where he majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During his time at the University of Arizona he worked in Matt Goode’s lab primarily radio tracking Tiger rattlesnakes (C. tigris) for a project investigating the effects of golf courses on Tucson herpetofauna. His research interests include: reptile venom proteomics and evolution, conservation, and ecology. He is particularly interested in African herpetofauna and members of the genus Crotalus.