May 2017 Adoption Animals  


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04/05/2017 11:23 pm  

The Minnesota Herpetological Society Adoption Program had a busy intake tonight. 

Turtles and Tortoises:
     2 redfoot tortoises (both adult males)
     2 Russian tortoises  (mated pair)
     1 Greek tortoise  (adult female)
     3 map turtles (false map, Mississippi map and Texas map)
     1 large African sideneck turtle
     2 painted turtles 
     1 returning bearded dragon in need of some additional TLC
     2 leopard geckos (male and female)
     1 crested gecko (male)
     2 savannah monitors
     2 ball pythons (both in need of some extra feedings!)
     1 boa constrictor (2' long female that is very underweight)
We received 2 veiled chameleons (separately) and a corn snake that are being held back until their health issues are resolved.
Other animals may be available as well.  Thost listed above are already in our possession.
See you Friday night!!!  Animals will be available for viewing by 6:30pm!!!  Please call the Adoption Chair at 612/616-8431 if you have questions.


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