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02/06/2017 1:05 am  

The June 1st Intake went well this evening.  We had a room full of veterinary technician students who were eager to learn more about amphibians and reptiles! Yeah!

At the Friday night meeting, we will have

·        2 Oriental Fire-bellied Toads (both males)

·        2 Bearded Dragons

·        2 Leopard Geckos

·        1 Veiled Chameleon who came in last month but was a little egg bound.  She has laid her eggs and is now good to go!

·        2 Ball Pythons – One of them is a 2 year-old albino, the other is a returning foster from last month.

·        1 Albino Burmese Python in need of LOTS OF TLC.  He is grossly underweight!

·        1 Common Boa (a very dark male) in need of someone willing to quarantine him for 2-3 months.  He was in a home with an ill boa.  Ask one of the Adoption Committee members if you would like additional information

·        4 Corn Snakes – an amelanistic, a normalish female, a ghost blood-red female, and a male snow corn.

·        3 Eastern Box Turtles

·        1 Central American Wood Turtle in need of some TLC.

·        1 Eastern Painted Turtle

·        1 Mississippi Map Turtle

·        1 Russian Tortoise

We may have additional foster returns as well.  The animals should be set up in the back of the room by 6:30 so arrive early and get your Adoption Request Forms turned in before the speaker begins!


Thank you.  See you there! 


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